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Millennials were least likely to want to tip, but most likely to support the addition of a service charge to their bills (18 percent, versus only 6 percent of boomers).

They also expect socially conscious behavior from the businesses they frequent, such as food waste reduction, use of locally-sourced ingredients, and the inclusion of a service fee on their bill (ensuring higher wages for wait staff) as opposed to a tip.

Janey Whiteside, executive vice president at American Express, said earlier this year that American Express has seen an increase in travel to Philadelphia among its Platinum and Centurion credit-card members.

Around 30 percent of restaurants have either eliminated tipping or would consider doing so if their competitors did it first.

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The decisions by United and American angered elite Amex cardholders, who pay a 0 annual fee for the Platinum card and ,500 for the invitation-only Centurion black card.58 percent of millennials and 21 percent of boomers had used a service like Grub Hub.

About a quarter of restaurateurs are currently using an online delivery platform and/or a dedicated mobile app or website, while nearly half are considering it.

It also comes from an understanding of architects that our physical environment is incredibly important to us and affect us immensely.Delta Air Lines’ credit card is with American Express, and the Amex Platinum and Delta Reserve cards continue to provide entry to Delta Sky Clubs.A recent survey by American Express shows that, unsurprisingly, millennials have the biggest appetite for digital dining experiences, from ordering take-out through a mobile app to ordering and paying through a kiosk at their table to tweeting what they’re eating.Pools and spas are significant investments; and though the cost of having one can be high, the cost that can be incurred from improper or inadequate maintenance can be much higher.No one can interfere then." herself on the couch there before the controls and clipping the ship's The person who picked up said there was an angry woman on the other line.

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