Eclipse updating links to source folders

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To make it easy to start working with code hosted in Git repositories on TFS, TEE 2013 includes a wizard for cloning and importing projects into your workspace.

This wizard enhances the base import wizard provided by the Eclipse EGit tools and provides the ability to clone multiple repositories at one time (useful for large projects where code is spread across multiple repositories).

This feature enables quick searching for files and folders in source control, with filtering by name, path, or check out status.

This makes it particularly easy to find files that are currently checked out by any user or a specific user and/or under a path.

Just like regular files, symbolic links can be added to source control and changes (like add, edit, and delete) can be detected, pended, and subsequently updated in source control.

Developers have the full capability version control when working with symlinks (history, branching, merging) and when symlinks are downloaded from version control, they are created as symbolic links in the file system.

The new a wizard has several big improvements including support for adding symbolic links to source control, creating workspace mappings directly when files to non-mapped source control folders are added, automatically filtering out local files that are already in source control, and importing files from local folders which are outside of workspace mappings.

With 2013, TEE now supports symbolic link (symlink) transparently on Linux-based operating systems.

Note: check out status and the ability to check out a file for editing in the results view are only available if the Show checkout status checkbox was checked when the search was performed.

The look now matches the much improved look of the Team Explorer view in Visual Studio.

TEE borrowed some of the nice organizational and navigational enhancements added in Visual Studio as well.

We have also increased the number of places where you can launch into the web access portal, which saves time when needing to access a function that might only be available from the web. You can now undock the Pending Changes and Builds views and position them anywhere within the workbench window.

Both views also now appear under Window Show View, which makes it possible to add these views to another perspective.

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