Updating outdated wood trim

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Painting wood neutralizes the colour but still accentuates the profile, the craftsmanship of the wood. Another option is to paint the walls behind the cabinets in a colour that settles the wood colour down. I suggest Benjamin Moore’s Marshlands, Willow or Chocolate Fondue, put that on the walls and it will instantly change the effect. Take the time to address all the quirky things that make working in your kitchen difficult. It may be a good idea to work with a kitchen designer to help you see areas you can improve.

Adding darker colour offers a sharp contrast and cleans up the space. If you can, repurpose those cabinets or donate them if they’re in good shape. if you’re patient, hang on to them, golden oak is slowly making its way back in style.

I have a south exposure and and get afternoon sunlight..I'm thinking white will brighten the room more.

My decor is contemporary coastal, and I'm leaning towards painting white.

Wanting to move overseas where life is slower and cheaper, we did plenty of reading about every possible to make a house look attractive to buyers, and watched more episodes of than we probably needed to.

Just like fashion, interior design has trends that come and go.

Certain things that might have looked good 30 years ago now look cheap and outdated. There are a number of ways you can upgrade your home using nothing more than a new coat of paint and your own creativity.

We focused on Our Expat Adventure and it really helped to motivate us. But here's the thing: A big chunk of the cost comes in the actual building materials.

You don't feel the pinch as much if you buy things bit by bit.

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