Wagner cast iron dating

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This mark bends around a circle, and the circle may contain a patent date. After Wagner purchased Griswold and both became part of Randall Company, Randall Company sold to Textron in 1959.In 1969, Textron sold both companies to General Housewares Corp. These items are not very desirable in the eyes of collectors because they are not Wagner or Griswold products.It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum.Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in 1953, and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in 1957.

She and her husband enjoy remodeling old houses and are currently working on a 1970s home.A number corresponding to the cast-iron cookware's size usually appears on the top of the handle or on the underside of the piece.Standard-size numbers, starting with the smallest, range from 2 to 14, and then jump to 20, the largest.Watch for markings, boxes or information with “Wagner Corporation” because this is the group of investors that purchased Wagner foundry from General Housewares Corp. Look for reproductions and recognize the difference.Wagner Ware reproductions have markings just like the originals.

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